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cartriQ® — Cartridge for the healthcare sector

A highly accurate, high quality, sterile, ready-to-use (RTU) cartridge system to match with drug delivery devices. Part of the SCHOTT iQ® portfolio, cartriQ® is provided in proven industry standard tub and nest configuration. cartriQ® raises standards for drug delivery systems ensuring reliable, user-friendly performance and making injectable drug delivery safe and easy.

With precise dimensions, tight tolerances, and in combination with baked on silicone ensures drug stability and optimal performance with all cartridge based devices. cartriQ® answers the need for a cartridge container system that achieves high standards in a market with increasingly strict regulations. SCHOTT has decades of experience in pharmaceutical containers, and all SCHOTT expertise has been used in developing this innovative container system.


  • Ready-to-use cartridges delivered steam-sterilized
  • SCHOTT FIOLAX® CHR glass tubing
  • Baked on silicone for optimal performance
  • Established elastomer closure systems (combiseal and plungers)
  • Industry standard tub and nest packaging allow for quick and easy changeover
Chemical Resistance

• Premium surface quality that reduces drug-container interaction. 
• Made with Type I FIOLAX® borosilicate tubing that provides an excellent extractables and leachables profile
• Reduced alkalinity glass for enhanced drug stability available upon request

Dimensions & Cosmetics

• 100% camera inspection of dimensional parameters. 
• Production process free of glass-to-glass-contact, reducing the risk of defects or glass breakage. 
• Baked-on silicone offers low particles and optimum gliding force. 

Possible Applications
  • Hormones
    Many patients require regular injections of sensitive biologic drugs such as insulin, which need to be stored in highly stable containers before use. These valuable drugs also need to be stored in containers that are compatible with a wide range of drug delivery systems. 
  • Biologics
    The trend to shift biologics drug administration from hospital to home setting with novel injection devices like wearable injectors. Biologic drugs are sensitive and some of them are highly viscous. cartriQ® is designed to cope with the stringent requirements of biologic drug stability and also self-administration of drugs with various injection devices.
  • Emergency drugs
    A number of emergency medical situations such as anaphylaxis require drugs to be administered as quickly as possible. To remain effective, these drugs need to be kept stable in highly accurate doses, in containers with high mechanical strength to cope with the stresses of rapid delivery. 

Superior quality of SCHOTT Fiolax will ensure drug stability of even sensitive biologics

• Baked on silicone for low particles and optimal functionality with devices

• Steam sterilization is clean process without any resides and ensures sterility for critical areas. 

• RTU cartridges in tub and nest configuration reduce the process steps in fill&finish operations and gives unparalleled flexibility

• Patented nest design avoids glass-to-glass contact and minimizes handling for low levels of wastage. 

• Pre-tested systems and documentation puts your product on fast track to market

• Tight dimensional tolerances and superior cosmetic quality to safeguard high-value drugs. 

• Customized dimensions to match you drug delivery device and application

• High mechanical strength offers lower breakage in filling and at point of use. 

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Want to know more? Let's talk.

Whether you need more information, samples, a quote, or advice for a project, we would be delighted to talk to you.

Want to know more? Let's talk.

Whether you need more information, samples, a quote, or advice for a project, we would be delighted to talk to you.