adaptiQ® cup nest Kit with TopLine vials

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cup nest Kit for pre-clinical testing, clinical trials and commercial filling

The adaptiQ® cup nest Kit includes washed TopLine vials from SCHOTT Pharma made of SCHOTT FIOLAX® clear glass. adaptiQ® vials are packaged in a clean room environment. For the sterilization ethylene oxide is used.

adaptiQ® vials are produced with tight dimensional control and immaculate surface properties, contributing to efficient fill-and-finish processes at our customer's facilities. 100% camera inspection ensures the continuous quality of SCHOTT TopLine vials.

All of the materials needed for drug development teams, CROs, biotech start-ups, or other research & development institutions can be obtained with the adaptiQ® cup nest Kit. Each combination of vials, stoppers and seals is pre-tested and fully documented to speed up the drug development process.

The adaptiQ® cup nest is one key part of the SCHOTT iQ® platform and allows a simple integration into existing filling processes and a compatibility with over 50 machine types. Furthermore the design of the packaging eliminates glass-to-glass contact. Thereby, breakage on the line is greatly reduced and the high cosmetic quality of the vials is preserved.


  • Ready-to-use sterilized TopLine vials

  • Made of SCHOTT FIOLAX® clear glass

  • Industry-leading low particle levels

  • Maximum compatibility with new and existing filling lines

  • Fully scalable from R&D to commercial filling

  • Designed for nested processing

  • Includes pre-tested matching stopper & seal

Dimensions & Cosmetics

SCHOTT Pharma's adaptiQ® vials and their packaging components adhere to the following industry standard dimensions: 

  • vials: ISO 8362-1
  • nest & tub: ISO 21882

The cosmetic attributes of adaptiQ® vials are also tightly controlled to ensure a maximum fill & finish line yield.

Possible Applications
  • Biologics and Biosimilars 
    The agglomeration of proteins around particles is one of the most harmful effects of highly sensitive biologic drugs, so they require the highest quality primary containers possible.

  • Oncology and Autoimmune Diseases
    Small and medium-batch drugs designed for critical conditions must have packaging designed for safety and flexibility. adaptiQ® from SCHOTT Pharma increases efficiency and value by offering flexible changeovers between formats.

  • Gene Therapy 
    Since gene therapies usually target small patient populations, drug batches are small and highly valuable. The patented nest design of adaptiQ® eliminates the risk of glass-to-glass contact and protects the drug inside.

  • Extremely low particle levels for increased patient safety and improved filling line yield

  • Flexibly fill different container types on the same machine, with the standardized outer dimensions of adaptiQ® cup nest

  • Tight dimensional tolerances and superior cosmetic quality to safeguard high-value drugs

  • Cup nest allows high automation and double-headed filling

  • Fast time-to-market as each combination of stoppers and vials is pre-tested to simplify and speed up testing efforts and fulfill regulatory requirements

Package Information

One Kit contains 6 adaptiQ® cup nests, 1 box of seals and 1 box of stoppers.

Size 2 ml:

6 tubbed nests per single delivery box
100 x vials per nest

Size 6 ml:
6 tubbed nests per single delivery box
48 x vials per nest

Size 10 ml:
6 tubbed nests per single delivery box
48 x vials per nest

Size 20 ml:
6 tubbed nests per single delivery box
24 x vials per nest

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Whether you need more information, samples, a quote, or advice for a project, we would be delighted to talk to you.

Want to know more? Let's talk.

Whether you need more information, samples, a quote, or advice for a project, we would be delighted to talk to you.