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Fast Track Kits for pre-clinical testing, clinical trials and commercial filling

The Fast Track Kits allow drug development teams, CROs, biotech start-ups or other research & development institutions to source all of their materials from a single source. Each combination of vials, stoppers and crimps is pre-tested and fully documented to speed up the drug development cup
Made with SCHOTT FIOLAX® glass, adaptiQ® vials are washed and packaged in a clean room environment and sterilized with ethylene oxide. adaptiQ® tray allows an easy infeed of ready-to-use vials into traditional filling machines, removing the need for additional washing and depyrogenation processes. The packaging guarantees that there is no glass-to-glass contact during transport.
SCHOTT adaptiQ® vials in tray are compatible with all existing traditional filling lines.


  • adaptiQ® ready-to-use sterile vials made from SCHOTT FIOLAX® glass tubing
  • Matching West Ready Pack® closure components (stoppers, crimps)
  • Pre-tested and fully documented for fast time-to-market
  • Fully scalable from R&D to commercial filling
  • Compatible with traditional fill & finish machine types
Chemical Resistance

One Kit contains 5 Single Tray Deliery Boxes, 1 Box of Seals and 1 Box of Stoppers

Size 2 ml:

1 Tray per Single Tray Delivery Box

160 x Vials per Tray

Size 6 ml:
1 Tray per Single Tray Delivery Box

88 x Vials per Tray

Size 10 ml:
1 Tray per Single Tray Delivery Box

80 x Vials per Tray

Size 20 ml:
1 Tray per Single Tray Delivery Box

48 x Vials per Tray

Dimensions & Cosmetics
  • SCHOTT adaptiQ® vials and their packaging components adhere to the following industry standard dimensions: 
    Vials: ISO 8362-1
    Nest & Tub: ISO 11040-7, ISO 21882:2019 
  • The cosmetic attributes of adaptiQ® vials are also tightly controlled to ensure a maximum fill & finish line yield.
Possible Applications
  • Biologics and Biosimilars 
    Highly sensitive biologic drugs demand the highest quality primary containers to avoid harmful effects such as the agglomeration of proteins around particles.
  • Oncology and Autoimmune Diseases
    Small and medium-batch drugs designed for critical conditions must have packaging designed for safety and flexibility. SCHOTT adaptiQ® offers flexible changeovers between formats, increasing efficiency and value.
  • Gene Therapy 
    Since gene therapies usually target small patient populations, drug batches are small and highly valuable. The patented nest design of adaptiQ® eliminates the risk of glass-to-glass contact and protects the drug inside. 
  • Fast time-to-market
    • Each combination of stoppers and vials is pre-tested and fully documented, with corresponding product specifications, drawings, CoC (certificate of compliance) and container closure integrity (CCI) summary report in order to simplify and speed-up testing efforts and fulfill regulatory requirements.
    • An extractables report, biocompatibility statement, LoA (letter of authorization) and a DHF (design history file) summary is available on request.
    • Fast change-over times are enabled thanks to the usage of compatible industry-standard components and strict adherence to all relevant ISO standards.
  • Increased patient safety
    • Tight dimensional tolerances and superior cosmetic quality ensure a safe storage of all types of drugs, including highly sensitive molecules.
    • The extremely low and industry-leading low particle levels provide for an improved filling line yield and ultimately increase patient safety. This is achieved by a patented vial nest design, that avoid glass-to-glass contact, the usage of clean packaging materials, strict operational process controls and intense quality controls by our particle lab.
  • Maximized flexibility
    • Premium vials such as SCHOTT EVERIC® pure as well as SCHOTT TopLyo® and Type I plus® (vials with a quartz-like inner coating) are also available in the pre-sterilized adaptiQ® ready-to-use configuration.
    • High value closure components from West are pre-sterilized premium line NovaPure® stoppers and gamma-sterilized Flip-Off® CCS seals, that perfectly fit with adaptiQ® vials.
    • adaptiQ® vials are compatible with a wide range of new and existing fill & finish lines, ensuring compatibility with over 50 machine types.

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Whether you need more information, samples, a quote, or advice for a project, we would be delighted to talk to you.

Want to know more? Let's talk.

Whether you need more information, samples, a quote, or advice for a project, we would be delighted to talk to you.